25th May 2018

Are you prepared for the data
protection law changes?

Here's your solution

World wide impact for data protection

GDPR will affect all organisations which hold, store or collect any personal data.

What this means for any organisation is that they must undertake a fundamental change to ensure they clearly document their accountability with regard to an individual’s data, both within their organisation and when sharing data with other organisations, especially outside of the EU.

Which areas of your business are effected by GDPR?

Let's find out in these 3 steps.

Do you hold any data?

If so you will need to ensure this was gathered
correctly and the customer/client have given
consent. (GDPR SHIELD ticks the boxes for you to
ensure you get the permission you need)

Do you store data?

If you store data you will have to ensure it is
stored securely. (GDPR SHIELD stores your data
in a high security data centre which is encrypted putting your mind at rest)

Do you collect new data?

You will need to ensure that a plan is in place to ensure
this is done correctly. (GDPR SHIELD lets
you invite new customers with agreement and
accepting tools)

Act now with GDPR Shield

Every company needs to be GDPR ready.
Shield can help you get started and support you on your journey.

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